Sunday, March 16, 2014

Birthday & Taking Stock

Today, I turned 30.  This means a few gifts and is a good time to review the projects in the list.  Since the release of the new Dwarf armybook, I have picked up a box of Longbreads/Hammers and Ironbreakers/Irondrakes.  For my birthday, I received a new Runesmith/Runelord (pictured) and a Gyrocopter/Gyrobomber.  This all adds to the long list of unpainted Dwarfs I have allowed to languish, nascent Eldar Alaitoc, and the numerous auxiliary Space Marine vehicles.


The new Runesmith/Runelord lacked a shield, so a minor conversion using an Ironbreaker shield and a thin line of green stuff.

Runesmith with chain over the shoulder

Of the two new units for Dwarfs, I have already used a unit of 10 Irondrakes.  They performed admirably and were a clear threat to anything they could get into range.  There is the potential for these to expand from 10 to 20 in a large list.

For my Dwarfs, I have yet to settle on my army's focus.  I really like the idea of an Ironbreaker, Irondrake heavy army - "Taking Back the Dark."  This however will demand not insignificant investment due to it consisting of largely new models.  It would be a Heavy Infantry army, meant to clean out the invested tunnels, mines, and even halls of Karak Eight Peaks.  It is a concept I just love.

The other option is to build out my solid, traditional, Dwarf Engineers army.  A mix of the new Gyrocopters, steady presence of Cannon and Organ Gun, defended by Warriors, Ironbreakers, and Slayers.  Much less to invest in - chiefly Gyrocopters and a few Engineers.  It being the "easy" route, probably means it should be my focus...

More to come; so long as I do not get too distracted with other things.