Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Rules, Inspiration, & Community

On Friday night, I went to my favorite local gaming store (FLGS) and hung out painting the Eldar Phoenix and waiting to buy the new rulebook just after midnight. (Jason, do not buy a copy, one will be on the way this week!)

So, instead of continuing to work on Dwarfs and my Taking Back the Dark list, I have swung back to slowly working on Eldar. Really, I have no one to blame but myself - I am choosing where my evening time goes.   Between Jason's awe-inspiring near-continuous stream of work and new rules for Dwarfs and 40k as a whole, I just need to focus a bit.

I am still reading through the "new" rules.  The addition of the Psychic phase will be interesting and should cause most players to consider adding in at least one psyker.  This will mean pure Tau  armies are SOL, but then they have the Riptide.  Necrons also lose out there, but they have plenty of other nasty options.

I have yet to read through the vehicles section and have skimmed areas like allies and terrain (all the Citadel terrain has rules associated with it).  Including specific rules for the Citadel terrain pieces is a good idea, it will make the terrain matter.  Inventorying your terrain and coming up with datasheets for the big pieces is also encouraged.  I think a good set of terrain will be as important to a good game as the two armies fighting.

Phoenix with its base colors
As I was working on the Phoenix, I got constant questions of whether or not it was Iyanden.  It got to the point it was a joke at the table where I was sitting.  Hopefully, as I paint more of it and brighten the Five Hexes and add the Alaitoc splotch in the blue it will become more apparent that these are not Ghost Warriors.

I  enjoy heading down to my FLGS to paint and play.  It gets me away from the distractions represented by my desktop computer and allow me to focus on the hobby (for the most part).  The group of players is a mostly mature group, every group has those who bring down the average.  Hopefully, I can take more time in the coming weeks to get some games in.