Sunday, June 1, 2014

The New Wood Elves

Additional Wood Elves for the Wild Hunt
So way back when Rob and Colby first got me into this hobby they took me into a GW shop in So-Cal and urged me to choose an army that looked fun to play. So after looking at several models and thumbing through a few codices I found something in the middle of the wood elves book that made me choose them for my first army. Against the advise of the store owner and at least three strangers in the store I bought the battalion box,  some dice and supplies, and was off to build my first army.

What made me so interested in the wood elves was the fact that they included a take on both the wild hunt and the horned hunter. These legends can be found throughout northern cultures including but not limited to Norse, Gaelic, Celtic, etc. and I have always enjoyed the myths associated with them. That was the army I really wished to play. Orion and his hunters.
Unfortunatly Wild Riders were expensive, ugly, and situation dependent units. Ultimately leading to my gorilla style of play and an utter ignoring of all things hunt related.
Enter the new codex: So I was thrilled to see the new Wild Rider models released by GW. I had already pre-ordered my copy of the book and when it came in I was even happier to see what they had done with the army as a whole. So I threw caution to the wind, walked over to my local store and ordered more wood elves than you can shake a stick at.
The collection of Treemen, Wild Riders, and naturally Orion when added to my Dryads and Glade Guard have given me a formidable force. If only I can get it built and painted. 
Which brings me to my current challenge: to build, paint, and base my version of the Wild Hunt. To do this I have decided to put aside all other modeling projects and focus on the elves until they are complete. 
The first unit, which took me a month of Sundays (really only 5 Sunday afternoons) is a set of 10 Dryads shown here. Once I get five more done I will add additional items to their bases to make them more than just mud, but I want to paint the ground of sets of 15-ish models to make sure they work.