Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gyrocopter & Lord

Odinfir throng vanguard
This past week and weekend I worked on my Dwarf Gyrocopter. It was a fun model to paint with nice detailing that the paint really reveals.

My FLGS has just begun a Warhammer Fantasy narrative campaign and for my forces, the Gyrocotper is a critical scouting unit.  In the lead up to the first game, the daring pilot sighted an area of interesting ruins.

I settled a few months ago on red as a unifying color for my Dwarf throng.  I used blue here to more closely associate the Gyrocopter with the sky.  I think I will eventually get at least a second one to run a two ship.  I really like the models and they may just fill the need for Dwarf cavalry.

Here are some more shots of the Gyrocopter, sans the post image filters.

Front on; Brimstone Cannon ready to unleash fire.

The other side; stairs are critical.  Dwarfs stand-up while they fly.

Good Dwarf ale fuels this contraption!

No extra layer.

Next weekend; I will probably have the Dwarf Lord Odinfir complete.

The side of Odinfir his enemy sees (in progress)

A side of Odinfir his dwarfs see (in progress)

Odinfir leads from the front! (in progress)