Monday, August 25, 2014

Objective Markers & Battle Summaries

Objective(s) Complete!
This weekend has been a hobby-filled weekend.  I played a game of 40k and Fantasy, picked up the new Codex: Grey Knights, and assembled and painted 6 objective markers for 40k.  A very "productive" hobby weekend.

My game of 40k really inspired the need to make objective markers.  At the beginning of the game, my opponent and I numbered clockwise each 2'x2' section and placed a market of some kind in each (4 Inquisitorial henchmen and 2 statues).  I wanted to make sure the markers "hid" the numbers as part of a small diorama on each base.

Quick battle summaries after the break.

Hard fight against the Black Legion
At 2,000 points against Black Legion, I fielded a mix of my 3rd Company of Ultramarines and a small detachment of Grey Knights.  My opponent narrowly won after 4 turns (store closing), with my army mostly missing from the field by this point and plenty of black armored fallen space marines roaming around.

Dwarfs destroyed by Ogres
As part of the store's on-going narrative campaign, I faced Ogres with my Dwarfs.  My Dwarfs barely damaged the hostile army.  The main hitting unit of the Ogre's was a unit of Mournfang's; 3 of them destroyed my gunline over the course of 2 turns, leaving only my delayed block of Ironbreakers to fight a last stand against the Ogre core.