Sunday, September 21, 2014

Space Hulk!

Cover Art Poster
We bought Space Hulk!  Robbie (my son) and I have been working on cutting out the miniatures and getting ready to try.  The game is intended for 12+ years of age, but we will see how the 6 year old manages.  Based on the last release, it may very well not be until 2019 or 2020 for another rerelease, at which point he will be 11 or 12.

In addition, it is a great introductory game to the 41st millennium.  The miniatures are outstanding and offer the opportunity to take a break from other projects to paint up something else.

Progress thus far.
Robbie has been cutting out models as I clean them up.  The cutting out of models has arguably been the biggest obstacle to trying it out.  The boy is very excited about it.

The box was $125 and well worth it.  Even just the Terminators would cost around that amount.  I am sure Blood Angels players did the math the first time around and this time and pre-ordered boxes to use them in their armies.

The prior week's White Dwarf also included an extra mission and painting guide, which will be helpful.

In addition, I have linked my Google+ and Blogger accounts.  Those visiting from there - welcome to the Far Flung Hobbyist blog.  Primary contributors are Jason (my brother) and myself with the occasional contributions from Tess (wife), Charlie, and Colby (both friends).  Enjoy!