Monday, October 6, 2014


Completed Trees
For Armies on Parade, I am not doing anything special for the board.  It will be a hill section of the Realms of Battle board with the wrecked imperial eagle, ruined Gothic arch, and forest.  This past weekend/week, I have been working on the trees.  I decided to go with an autumn foliage and try to match the broad flat surfaces to the model bases.

This establishes the color palette for tables worth of terrain going forward in our house.  Any terrain destined for our Realms of Battle board will draw on elements of this.  However, plenty of armies have a different color scheme.

As I was working on these trees, I was happily surprised by the effect that the Casandora Yellow Shade had on the leaves.  Below you can see the difference between the shaded leaves (top) and unshaded leaves (bottom).

Comparing shaded and unshaded leaves
Progress continues and more to come later this week.