Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wood Elf Glade Guard

First unit of Glade Guard 1/2
So I have finally returned from a summer of little to no hobby related activities. Frankly being up to the hilt in PhD work has severely limited my available time for anything else. In addition I have been to New Mexico, California, and Colorado (not to mention several places in between) in the last 60 days. Enough excuses this fall will hopefully see more work on my wood elf army.

Glade Guard Unit 2/2
Maybe a year from now with all this schooling behind me I can even aspire to doing cool hobby things like playing and entering armies on parade.
Above you will see my first efforts to update my Glade Guard to match the colors of Orion, from the new codex. My Goal here is to finish the original battle box by the end of October. This is block of 16 Glade Guard, with command. The color scheme is green, white, and gold and some of the finer details are presented in the close ups below.
Glade Guard: Command
Detail Work: Back

Detail Work: Front

Next up my first Glade Riders