Sunday, December 14, 2014

Savage XIIth

Sol Invictus gifts have arrived already!
Jason and I settled on starting Zone Mortalis forces as our Christmas gifts this year (he gets mine, I get his).  We agreed to one HQ, Elite, & Troop each, allowing some fluffy forces with characterful units.

With any special units and characters for the XIIIth Legion, Ultramarines, months away and wanting to start a Horus Heresy legion alongside the Eldar project, I decided to start up a force from the XIIth Legion, World Eaters. I will be starting off with troops led by the XII-8's Captain Kharn the Bloody (eventually the Betrayer).  After doing some research, I am also considering having an alternative command for loyalist World Eaters from XII-12 led by Captain Macer Varren.

What can you fit in 500 pts with Kharn the Bloody?

A squad of 5 Rampagers equipped as shown on Forgeworld's site and 10 Tactical Marines!

Seems like a good starting point.  My intent is to start with the 10 Tactical Marines for painting to get down the color scheme and methods of painting before painting the Rampagers as the lead-in to Kharn.  Kharn deserves a lot of attention and effort, so I need to know what I am doing before painting him.

Getting to a 1000 pts from there is not too difficult, focusing on adding another squad of 10 Tactical Marines (with Chainaxes) with an Apothecary and a squad of 5 Heavy Support Marines with Volkite Culverins.  We will see if it grows much beyond that.  Likely growth will center around Astartes delivery systems, aka Dreadclaw and Kharydbis Drop Pods, expanding the squads to full strength, and maybe a Contemptor Dreadnought or two. I am going to avoid growing the World Eaters beyond 2000 pts, figuring that the next 1000 pts should be either Adeptus Mechanicus or Imperial Army (Solar Auxilia) "allies."