Monday, April 6, 2015

Completed Jebikes & a Game

Five Hexes Jetbikes swoop in.
Sunday night, I finished my Five Hexes jetbikes (played as Windrider jetbikes in my Eldar Army).  I tried to keep the scheme matching my two Vypers; I think they came out well.  Process pictures after the battle summary.

On Saturday, I got a 2,000 point game in against an Chaos Space Marine Emperor's Children army. We had to call it at the bottom of turn 3, I lost 2-1 on objectives.  The jetbikes scored my victory point, achieving Linebreaker.  A longer summary after the break.  (Sorry no pictures)

Despite my opponents large amount of Sonic weapons (ignore cover), I thought my force performed pretty well. (Battlescribe File)  On turn 1, I reset the table, shifting some of my units upwards of 48" on the table and restricting his targets (my poor Rangers).  This resulted in his Land Raider and Demon Prince moving up without direct support provided by his firebase.   He was also hampered due to his Storm Eagle never arriving.  Overall, I was happy with the maneuverability and satisfied with my army's overall performance.  The biggest drawback was a lack of tank-killing ability.

Now for the painting.

I had washed all of the minis last weekend.  Yellow for the yellows, blue for the blue, black for the black, and fleshshade for everything else.

Washes used Result
Today, I proceeded to apply the primary layer and then highlights.  There was no magic to the build at this point.

Paint used

Final touchups.

Paint (& gloss) used
Last step remaining is to seal them and move on to the next project - something were I take a break from yellow.