Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Holiday Calm before a Storm?

Washed Squad
Over the past weeks, I had a lull in hobby activities for a variety of reasons from a weekend away to space being taken for baking.

I have put in some time working on the second squad of World Eaters and spent the second half of 27 Dec playing Dystopian Wars.   I got two games in, the first in which Prussians destroyed me and the second in which an alliance between the Prussians and Danes defeated Italy and China.

As I go into the new year, I am glad to have a gaming group to spend downtime with and a wife who allows me to escape for
long hours on the weekend to game.  My primary project will be completing the World Eaters ahead. However, looming on the horizon is the challenge of painting Roboute Guilliman before my brother visits in April, which will need to be preceded by at least a single squad of Ultramarines.   Throw in a mix of potential additions to my Danish fleet and it should be a very full next 12-15 weeks!
Prussia/Danish fleets prepare to engage the Italian/Chinese alliance