Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Based Suzerains and Tanksgiving

I only achieved progress last night on the Suzerains, completing the base colors before writing this post.  The past week has been busy, filled with plenty of driving and various events.

I recently added a Dreadclaw (1 of 3) to my slowly expanding list of projects to assemble and paint as well as additional Ultramarines torsos and a few Space Wolves torsos for Burning of Prospero/a Space Wolves Veteran Squad for my Ultramarines forces.

Lastly, I also picked up at a discount Potecknov’s Bears for Team Yankee.  The set is 9 T-72 tanks and 2 Hind helicopters.  My intent is to field a Polish Mechanized Infantry Battalion from the mid-1980s.  At the moment, the rules only allow for Soviet forces, but that doesn't mean that paint can't be Polish.