Monday, December 26, 2016

New Year New Army: My return to the Hobby

So, it has been a long time since I have posted anything to this blog and an even longer time since I did anything serious with the hobby.  This lack of time was largely due to my PhD program and in the last year getting back in the swing of "working" for a living.
For the past year I have also had an open debate about what I wanted to build. I knew I wanted to get into 30k (naturally their will also be side projects in other games), but choosing a legion took me forever.  Particularly when you see where I wound up...

As the pictures clearly indicate after much debate I opted to build a Space Wolves Legion, or as I prefer to call them the Rout.  The Rout was my first 40k army and eventually I became disenchanted with them for a variety of reasons.  I sold my army about half way through my PhD program and shelved all of my custom ideas for the army.

I have now pulled down that file and begun work on a 30k era Rout great company. Beginning with a chaplain/wolf priest:

 Although it does not show well in the photo's the model actually has six different shades/textures of gray.  I also still intend to add snow to the base, but I want a few more models finished before I mix up the snow.  Also my thanks to Brother Captain S. for the suggested conversion to the weapon.

Next I am going to take the only survivor of my original army shown below and convert him to match my new army. Then I will wrap up work on my first unit; a veteran tactical squad.

The last of my old wolves