Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hellblasters - 4th Company Novamarines

5 Novamarine Hellblasters
Last week I finished up the five Hellblaster Primaris Marines and one of the Lieutenants out of the new Dark Imperium Warhammer 40,000 Starter Box.

I have been enjoying painting up the Novamarine force.  It is different enough from my Ultrmarines as to include a few challenges, but is obviously still very familiar territory for me hobby-wise.

Same Novamarines, different angle

I am working towards building a 2,000 pt centered around the Novamarines, with links to headcannon I wrote for my Ultarmarines Legion collection.  The Dark Imperium box is the core of the collection.  I have already picked up a squad of Aggressors and a Librarian to add to it, as well as the First Strike Primaris to add a few more Primaris to one of the squads.

Grey Marines!
I intend to also get an Apothecary, Repulsor Grav-Tank, and another Intercessor squad.  I may also get another three Interceptors, a fourth set of 5 Intercessors and 5 Hellblasters, to equip the alternative equipment.  Those additional 13 models will probably weigh in at about the same points as...

An Imperial Knight from a Household that has guarded one of the 500 World of Ultramar since before the Great Crusade.  The Household has an ancient oath of friendship with the Novamarines dating back to the Chapter's foundation, inherited with the XIII Legion company that the Household fought alongside.