Tuesday, October 30, 2018

First Component of Commonwealth Platoon

Easy simple update to share.  I got my first British and Commonwealth 8th Army section completed.  I will be adding probably two more groupings of these guys to complete my Infantry Platoon.  As I have previously shown, there are two Bren Carriers, an Engineering Section, a 5-man Rifleman section, another 10-man section, Mortar and 6-pdr Artillery piece.  I think the Bren Carriers and Engineering Section and 5-man section will make a good next component (after a brief detour to work on the second Kharadon Overlords Gunhauler).

Infantry Section, Matilda Infantry Support Tank, & MMG Team
I have also started the process of writing down map-campaign rules for the group of us.  I have identified a good map and pulled out the old Warhammer General's Compendium to reference as I write things down.   Relooking at the campaign aspect has helped, I think.  I have aspirations of adding an Armor Platoon of M3 'Honeys' possibly supported by the Grant, but that is in the long run.

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