Monday, March 17, 2014

Perun Russkin wolf priest assigned
to keep an eye on Bran Redmaw's corruption

So I went ahead and took my first real weekend in a long time. As a way of blowing off steam I started working on my Wolf Priest (see image). I began with the left over lord executioner parts I had lying around from my Bran conversion. Then added a custom Morkai Crozius and a wolf "skull" helmet. Both the plasma pistol and jump pack are magnetized to be swapped with other options if I want to outfit him differently. I then started the base-coat process to see what I thought... he needs more wolf bits I think.

I believe in biting off more than I can chew, and the wolves are very quickly turning into an army of customized pieces with extra bits and green stuff. I want them to look unique on the table, different from other wolves but still true to the fluff. I am drawing a lot of inspiration from viking lore something the codex pays lip service too; then abandons in the process of chasing the wolf theme.

Cygnar color scheme
The other thing I did this weekend was paint a test model for my Cygnar. Inspired by a Celestial Lions space marine army I really liked I decided to reverse the Cygnar two main colors (blue and gold) going heavy on the gold and using the blue at the triangle points to complement and break up the figure.
For fluff I am thinking some noble just discovered their heir is a talented up and coming war-caster and is outfitting and army for them. In a sign of true excess this noble is gold platting this army to shine in the sun from far off. An arrogant sign to be sure, but Cygnar is the richest country in the world, and this noble intends to ensure the success of his heir at any price.