Tuesday, November 1, 2016

11 XIIth Terminators

5 Cataphractii and 1 Praetor added!
I was motivated to paint this weekend!  I completed basing and then finished painting the 5 Cataphractii I started on two weeks ago and completed the Praetor today!  The Praetor is the "cleanest" of the models as he is my Loyalist commander unless I expand the World Eaters significantly.  For my Zones Mortalis list, the Cataphractii and Praetor can replace Kharn and the Butchers almost point for point (and may actually make the list more viable).

I think the Cataphractii turned out well.  The models are the Betrayal at Calth Terminators with Forgeworld's World Eater shoulder pads.  I am a huge fan of using Forgeworld's Legion shoulder pads.  Even if all you are building is Betrayal at Calth or Burning of Prospero, I high recommend getting the Legion's shoulder pads (10 Space Wolves pads are in the post for me).

The 5 Cataphractii just after applying the Martian Iron Earth
These guys were a good project to re-invigorate my painting efforts.  The limit of 6 models kept it from being daunting.  In addition, I think discussions with my brother about Horus Heresy with the appearance of Russ and a Forgeworld order increased my motivation. I also bought the Burning of Prospero.  I am at least going to build up 10 Wolves as a Veteran squad and potentially field them as allies to my Ultramarines.  Plenty of things to work on, good to be motivated.

The Cataphractii were painted with the same paints I used on the rest of the army.


Washed and in the middle of layering

Only highlights and blood remaining