Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Aliatoc & Five Hexes Eldar - Armies on Parade

Dire Avenger Exarch
Armies on Parade is 25 October and I have decided to build/paint a significant portion of the Aliatoc and Five Hexes Eldar force as an entry!

The plan is for the force to consist of 1 Farseer (painted), 10 Rangers (painted), 10 Dire Avengers (see after the break), a Wave Serpent, a Crimson Hunter (painted), and 2 Vypers (1 already painted).  This will all be on a standard Games Workshop 2' x 2' battlefield section with a standard Games Workshop forest, a few pieces from the Honored Imperium set, and a few of my objective markers.

A decent amount to get done in the next five weeks!  Just finished up five of the Dire Avengers.

First 5 Dire Avengers
Farseer with orange witchblades
I just completed the first 5 of 10 Dire Avengers for display.  Eventually, the Eldar army might have 2 squads of 10 Dire Avengers, but we will see.  I mused on how to paint the Exarch's power axe and wanted to avoid the same heat tons as the Farseer's witchblades. I settled on the power axe being the same material as the spirit stones and like the results.

The power axe is from the High Elf White Lions kit and was a very straightforward conversion.  Tess building High Elves has luckily provided an assortment of bitz to scavenge.

They were all painted with GW paints and color build-ups. I have kept to essentially the same colors as the Farseer & rangers and reverse of the Five Hex's Vyper.  The Crimson Hunter is stand-out in this case with its unifying colors being less predominate.  I think the color scheme captures keeps with the background for Dire Avengers.

I did decide to not paint/decal on the Dire Avenger symbol. It muddles up the helmet a bit and detracts from the whiteness.

Below is a series of pictures showing the build up.