Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Repuslor In-Work

In-Work Repulsor
This past week, I worked on painting the Repulsor tank.  I think I have completed basing the vehicle and thus have gotten most of the colors onto the hull.  I took the photo before doing a significant amount of washing the whole thing with null-oil.  Unlike the rest of the army thus far, I primed it mostly white.  The large blue strip was primed with using masking over the white.  If I did it again, prime the line first, then tape over it and then prime the rest of the model.  Lesson learned.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Nuport's Mariners

Nuport's Mariners and some objective markers
 This weekend, I finished up painting my second Arkanaut Company.  This completes my 1,500 point army.  I did some minor conversions to the Company Captain to turn him in Kris Nuport.  Captain Nuport has some relics from before the the Kharadon's took took the sky.

This week, I am starting on the Novamarines Repulsor.  Part of this is in the vain hope that GW announces that a unit other than the Arkanaut Company is a Battleline unit before I work on my last 500 points up to 2,000 points.

Captain Nuport, surrounded by his Mariners

Captain Nuport's antecatalysm axe head

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Kemist and Riggers

The Mistress's Endrinriggers
Aether Kemist Bob Boyl
This past weekend, I finished up the two new units I adding in my 1,500 point army.  The Aether-Kemist Bob Boyl and the Endrinriggers of the Mistress.  The scheme I have going for my Kharadon's has turned out to be both rewarding and straightforward now that I have painted a bit more than 20 individuals and 2 ships.  Next up is a unit of 10 more Arkanauts to round out the 1.5k list.  After that, 10 more Arkanauts and either an Ironclad or Frigate and another unit of Endrinriggers.

I also played a 1.5k point game Saturday night.  For that I turn to Drakeslayer's log.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hawkjn's Spears

This past weekend, I completed Hawkjn's Spears, a unit of six Skywardens.  The kit proves fairly versatile with each of the models not looking like two sets of the same models.  Painting things differently helps to break them up as well.

Hawkjn's Spears
In addition, on Saturday at my FLGS, my Kharadon Overlords were named best painted for the 1,000 point tier of an Age of Sigmar escalation league.  I am really happy with that and having completed painting the force before the step ended.  Painting up 3-more of Hawkjn's Spears is the first thing for my 1,500 point army.  Alongside the three Skywardens, I have assembled and prime three Endrinriggers, a second 10-man Arkanaut Company, and an Aether-Kemist.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Harlot Lets Fly

The Harlot
This past weekend, I painted the Screening Harlot, a Gunhauler.  This completed my 960 point Kharardon Overlords army.  It is illegal under Matched Play due to not having a second Arkanaut Company (my only Battleline).

Painting the runes on the ships I think gives them a lot of character that they would be lacking otherwise.  It breaks up the blue on the hulls nicely.  It went pretty quickly, thanks to knowing what most of the scheme would be.  I also showed off the completed army at my FLGS, Lost Planet and got lots of compliments.

Next up is increasing Hawkjn's Spears (Skywardens) to a total of six and giving them a Grappling Hook to make them even speedier, better enabling an alpha strike against a threatening unit.  I intend to follow those three up with a second Arkanaut Company, making the army legal!  This will leave me with 320 points for 1,500 points.

My intent is to add an Ather-Kemist (140 pts) and possibly a three-balloon unit of Endrinriggers (120 pts).  This again leaves me with 60 points remaining at 1,500 points.  Going up to 2,000 points is morphing as I consider my options.  Another unit of Arkanuts is necessary for RAW Matched Play, leaving me with 440 points...  maybe an Ironclad or a second Frigate and more balloons and be down 40 points.  🤔

Admiral Drake, Navigator Kouk, Kilpford's Gang aboard the Mistress, Hawkjn's Spears, and the Harlot

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Mistress Sets Sail

This past week, I completed the first Frigate of my Kharadon Overlords - the Tempest's Mistress.  This is the first large model I have painted in a while and has lots of different pieces that are not flat like the armor of a Astrates tank or even Eldar tank.  I really enjoyed the model and like how it turned out.

A fly-around of the Mistress
The Mistress's Navigator

The Mistress's Captain and Endrigger

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dead Crew and Colors

This past weekend, I got in two more games and spent most of Sunday painting up the Dwarfs.  I really only have the ships left before moving onto the 1,500 point list, which may morph based on lessons learned at 1,000 points.

Admiral Frank Drakeslayer
Yet more demons and this time with corrupt men. We were overwhelmed by their numbers yet again. We couldn't keep them at cannon range for long. Between their lord and warriors we became tied up and unable to secure the treasures on the field. Our starboard flank collapsed as Hawkins and his spears were swept from the field by warped knights of Tzeentch. Navigator Kouk found himself surrounded by them! I need a larger squadron for these expeditions!
Admiral Drakeslayer

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Failing against Angels and Demons

Capt Nuport of the Righteous Courtesan
This past week, I continued to work on painting up more of my Barak-Mhornar crewmen and on Saturday evening played two games.

I settled into the paint scheme and completed 9/10 Arkanauts.  I also steadily base coat more Duardin minis (including those on ships), getting them up to the state of the Skywardens.

Lastly, I assembled my second Arkanaut Company, Nuport's Mariners.  Capt Nuport carries anteruina axe of his ancestors.  He and his crew are aboard the Righteous Courtesan - á›•áš»áš±á›…ᚦᛋ.

I also named out all the ships, characters, and units up to roughly 3000 points of minis (~1000 points in battalion warscrolls).

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Privateers of Barak-Mhornar

This weekend, I played three games of Age of Sigmar at 1,000 points.  My first game was Friday afternoon and following it I decided to abandon an army from the Free City of Tempest's Eye and instead focus on a Barak-Mhornar army/fleet.  The first game was against a Tzeentch army with a mix of demons and mortals and I felt that my army lacked synergy desperately needed for Kharadon Overlords to work or any of the other units in the army.  I dove at the center of his army and found my fire ineffective and my combat doubly so.

That evening, I decided to shift and wrote up the list.  The 1,000 pt army (960 pt) is the Battleforce (which I got on Saturday) plus a Navigator.  For my home port, Barak-Mhornar, the most flexible of the Baraks.

On Saturday, after constructing the Admiral, Navigator, and Gunhauler, I played two more games.  These were both part of a three month long event my FLGS is doing.  As such, here are versions of the logs I make in my Book of Grudges.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Game and Build

I have switched gears to building out stuff for Age of Sigmar instead of Warhammer 40k for a little bit.   My 1,000 points Tempest's Eye list is steadily coming together and I am getting paint onto some of the core stuff.  I have some solid ideas for adding 500 points, but the second set of 500 points (total of 2,000 points) is still being thought out.

On Saturday, I played a game against Seraphon (lizardmen) using most of what my final list will be.  It was a good game that came down to playing the objectives.  In turn 2,  I thought I had no chance when I lost 400 points in a single turn.  However, I managed to steadily decimate my adversaries stuff and my flanking maneuver with Skycutter and Gyrocopter managed to capture objectives and put pressure on his back field.  Afterwards, discussing the game, we realized areas where we took liberty with the rules. Despite this, overall fun and only way to learn is to play more.

I also built out three more Handgunners, these three are the Dwarf members.  Now to find human figures to convert.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Primaris Librarian and Apothecary

More Primaris
This past Sunday, I finished up my Primaris Novamarine Librarian, Apothecary, and two additional Intercessors for Squad I.  I still have a Repulsor tank to paint up and will be picking up five more Intercessors soon (tm).  My brother has asked me to try to have the 2,000 points completed by the Christmas holiday, which seems like it is in reach.

The biggest hurdle will be that I am also trying to build out 1,000 points of Age of Sigmar, which weighs in at 30 minis, including an airship.

Another angle

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mixed Hobbying

This weekend I was at a hotel all weekend preparing for a medical donation on Tuesday.  Over the weekend, I finished most of the detail on the Primaris Librarian, Apothecary, and 2 Intercessors.  I also began basing units for my Age of Sigmar.

More Novamarines
Tempest Eye forces in work

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

For the Free City of Tempest's Eye!

The Workbench
A change of plans!

Instead of collecting a focrce of just Kharadon Overloards, I am switching gears to field an army representing the Free City of Tempest's Eye.  A big driver for this was the relative lack of choices for Battleline for Kharadon Overlords, which makes any 2,000 point army very similar to other Kharadon Overlords.  It also radically changes my 1,000 point army.  Instead of being a lot of replication and "more of the same," I have no duplicates in the list.