Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Battle at the Bridge

Nothing fancy in terms of battle report or anything.  We decided for the 3-way fight, the Adeptus Astrates would attempt to hold the bridge against the two competing xenos of Tyranids and Necrons. I remembered to take photos at the beginning and very end.  We got to play on an awesome table, that I would love to plan for a large game of Horus Heresy.

Most of the Novamarines setup to hold the Bridge

Monday, July 16, 2018

Novamarine Redemptor Dreadnought

The Redemptor Indomitus
Back over the Labor Day weekend (30 May), my brother and I were hanging out discussing the upcoming day we planned to spend at Warhammer World playing a game of Warhammer 40k between my Novamarines and his Tyranids.   I had originally planned to use the Fire Raptor as part of the army, but he encouraged me to pick up the Redemptor instead and crank it out.

It truly marks the last of the Novamarine Primaris models I intend to paint.  At this point I have most the Primaris units, save the Reavers.  In addition, I am not particularly interested in pickup games of 40k at present and neither is a large part of my community.  They have focused on Konflict '47 and possibly Team Yankee.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Primaris Captain

Captain of the Novamarines Fourth Company
I have finished my Primaris Novamarine army.  I kitbashed a Primaris Captain with plasma pistol and power fist.  I finished him about a week ago.  It was a good way to finish out the army.

He wears marks of the XIII Legion and holds a title relating back to the Legion.  The Captain of the Fourth Company of the Novamarines Chapter remains a Suzerain to the Tetrarch of Iax, Ultramar and bears the XIII Legion command marking on the left shoulder pad.  The position now holds new meaning since the Indomitus Crusade is underway.

The remaining piece of the army will be a relic Legion Raptor, which continues to serve the Novamarines Chapter.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Fire Raptor!

Fire Raptor Under Construction
I have decided to shift my approach on the last 500 points for my Novamarines army.  Instead of pursuing an Imperial Knight, I am going to include a Relic Fire Raptor from the Ultramarines Legion 10th Company!

In addition, I am going to drop the Aggressors and Gravis Captain at 2,000 pts and bring back the Hellblasters as well as a converted Primaris Captain with Power Fist.



Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Primaris Still in Work + Frigate

Another progress update on my hobby activities.

Not quiet done.

I am almost done with the 9 Primaris Novamarines.  I still need to blue highlight the back six and then dust them all with the rust dust on their bases. Barring the addition of a Primaris Captain or losing one of them to the Warhammer store painting competition, I this will finish up my Novamarines project (I think).

Under Construction
I forget whether I have mentioned this previously, but I am pursuing a more competitive ready Age of Sigmar list and thus need to add 2 Frigates, 10 Arkanauts, and 3 Endrinriggers to my collection.  I already had the second Frigate.  My current plan is to pick up a Battleforce box to get everything else, plus a third Gunhauler.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Primaris and some Heresy

In Work Novamarines
A some painting during the past week and a weekend game of Horus Heresy

I have been steadily painting up nine more Primaris Novamarines for my 1,500 pt list.  I made need to add one more, to contribute to a recently opened store's collection of painted Marine models - we will see.

The Novamarine project is nearing its end with this last sprint.  There is the possibility of adding a Primaris Captain (vice the Captain in Gravis Armor), but I do not intend to add a unit of Reavers or a Dreadnaught.  The next 40k proper project is actually likely to be a Knight Paladin.  This will bring my current 40k efforts largely to a close.

I have been musing about a Ultramarines 1st Company around Marnus Calagar - but that is a distant project that will first ride on the backs of something like Cataphactii or Tartoros Terminators for my 30k Ultramarines.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Nearly Complete Gang

On Friday, I finished up 7 of 8 of my Orlock gang.  I have yet to get the Escher body to start from as a base for my second Champion, Ma T.  I played a game of Necromunda on Saturday and enjoyed it.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to convert a model and potentially convert a few more as upgraded versions of my gangers in a campaign.

The men of Buck's Riders

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Slow Progress

Did some more layering on the Orlocks.  I lost a bit of steam on painting the past few weeks.  The layers make them much brighter and will hopefully make the safety oriented color theme really pop on them.  I intend to do a second wash over the brighter colors to get more grim on them.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Orlock's In Work

A little work done this weekend on the Orlocks.  I got all the main colors on the minis and washed them.  Layers are next to make the orange and yellow positively pop.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Catch Up before a Week Away

This past weekend I was knocked down by what I can only describe as the flu.  Two weekends was a busy gaming weekend.  I got in a pair of Age of Sigmar games and picked up a Necromunda gang (Orlocks).   This past week, I assembled a pair of Rapier Laser Destroyers for my 13th Legion (30k) and 7/8 gangers for my Orlock gang (Necromunda).  This coming week I am out of town all week and so will but unable to work on minis during the week.

Unprimed Rapier teams
The Rapiers were not too bad to assemble, the resin was worse part being the treads not quite fitting.  They will make a solid addition to my current Ultramarines force, giving them some much need anti-tank punch.  This will let my primary opponent field some tanks without feeling bad.

In-Work Orlocks
This past weekend, while feeling ill I started to paint the base colors on the Orlock gang.  Each Orlock has a name based on a friend or family member's nickname.  I am going for a rail-workers motif, with lots of caution yellow and here-I-am orange.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Praetor Captain

Captain Aedvarus of the 106th
This past week I did some light painting, completing the Horus Heresy era Ultramarines Praetor.  He was straightforward for the most part, with most of the decisions already made.

Veteran of Terra, Praetor of the XIII Legion, Captain of the 106th Company Aedvarus of Merica.

Captain Aedvarus goes onto to lead the defense of Argeia from World Eaters, survives the Heresy, and is the future Second Founding Captain of the 4th Company of the Novamarines Chapter

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Repulsor Complete

Repulsor in profile
  I finished up my Repulsor this weekend.  I am not super happy with it, but large flat surfaces are a challenge to paint well with a brush.  I did not feel confident with painting it with an airbrush yet as it has many straight lines.  I probably could have taken more time with the transition highlights and thinned the lines a bit.  I think at the distance of a the table top, it will look good along side the rest of my Novamarine Primaris detachment.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Repuslor In-Work

In-Work Repulsor
This past week, I worked on painting the Repulsor tank.  I think I have completed basing the vehicle and thus have gotten most of the colors onto the hull.  I took the photo before doing a significant amount of washing the whole thing with null-oil.  Unlike the rest of the army thus far, I primed it mostly white.  The large blue strip was primed with using masking over the white.  If I did it again, prime the line first, then tape over it and then prime the rest of the model.  Lesson learned.